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Energy Efficiency Top Tips

Little changes can make a big difference, with energy prices on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to help save money and consumption of our energy bills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple but very effective energy efficiency top tips designed to help you save money on your energy fuel bills. 

If you’re worried about the efficiency of your home, contact our team to see what we can provide to help you!

Radiator Top Tip

Radiator Tip #1 – Make sure that areas around your radiators are always clear. Putting furniture in front or covering radiators with long curtains will block the heat.

Radiator Tip #2 – If your radiators are getting excessively hot and the boiler is rapidly turning on and off, the temperature of the water going to your radiators may be too high. This wastes energy and reduces the boiler’s efficiency. You can usually adjust the temperature using the central heating control dial or adjustment switches on your boiler.

Room Thermostat Top Tip

Thermostat Tip #1 – It is important to select the correct position for the room thermostat. Avoid placing it close to a window, door or in the corner of a room. Normal locations are the hall or landing.

Thermostat Tip #2 – Lowering the setting of your room thermostat by 1°C can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%

Insulation efficiency Top Tip

Around 30% of the heat loss from your home is through the roof. You can reduce this considerably by insulating the roof space.

Curtains Top Tips

Lined or heavier fabric full length curtains can provide excellent insulation. Ensure that they don’t cover your radiators.

Use Draught Excluders

A suitable draught excluder cuts out heat loss from areas such as doors, windows, letterboxes and keyholes.

Thermostatic Taps & Showers Top Tips

It is advisable to install thermostatic taps and showers, particularly if you have young children or elderly people live in the property, as water straight from the tap can be very hot.

Bath Filling Top Tips

Your bath will fill quicker if you run hot water only into the bath then add cold water after.

Keeping the bath warm

If your bath is made of cast iron or pressed steel, the water is likely to cool quicker. Putting insulation underneath and around the bath will keep the water warmer and save energy.

Put foil behind your Radiators

If radiators are fitted to an outside wall, fix reflective foil on the wall behind them to reduce heat loss through the wall.

Upgrade your Heating Controls

Save money on your energy bill by upgrading to the latest smart heating controls. This will improve efficiency as well as improve your comfort levels.

Add Solar Panels

Adding solar water panels to your system will give you up to 60%* of your hot water free and from a green energy source.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust

After bathing Top Tip

Once you have used your bath there is still a lot of useful heat in the water, heat that can contribute to heating your home. If condensation isn’t an issue you could leave the water within the bath until it has gone cold.

Boiler Servicing

It is essential that you have your boiler serviced every year. The best time for a boiler service is in the summer or early autumn so that your boiler is in top condition and ready to keep your home reliably warm through the winter.