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Our Ethical Business Principles

Our ethics are the moral standards we rely upon when we make a decision. Our ethics define what is right and wrong. Bumford’s remains a very conscientious business. Under the moral compass of our founder Chris Bumford, we continue to guide ourselves on the following principles


We are honest in all of our actions and always have been. We will always be truthful and upfront in all our dealing with our clients, staff and suppliers.


We maintain a high level of integrity. This is how we have earned the trust of others – customers, staff and suppliers. We will always try to do the right thing, and if mistakes happen we will admit fault and try and rectify the situation.

Keeping our Promises

Our word is very important and so we will stick by it. If we make a promise, we will stick to it and do exactly what we said we would.


We remain loyal to our customers, staff and suppliers. Our loyalty builds trust and reassurance.


We are and always have been very fair and just. We never have sought to exercise our power for an unfair advantage or use indecent methods to gain a competitive edge. We will never take undue advantage of another person’s difficulties and mistakes. We treat all people equally, with tolerance and acceptance of diversity. We are open-minded and will admit if and when we have made a mistake. We are fair to our customers, staff and suppliers.


We have a genuine sense of compassion. We are caring, benevolent and kind to customers, staff and suppliers.


We treat everyone with respect. We remain courteous and treat people equally. We believe everyone deserves dignity, privacy and rights.

Obeying the law

As an ethical business, we always obey the law, and never break the rules, regulations or laws surrounding our business activities.


We seek and pursue excellence in everything that you do. Delivering the highest quality of service and the highest quality products in a fundamental Bumfords policy.


We hold ourselves accountable and will acknowledge and accept accountability for our decisions and any consequences.


The safety of our customers and staff is our priority. We do not cut corners or find shortcuts. We will always put safety first and we invest heavily in safety training and best practice.

Family Values

We are a proud, independent truly family-run business that always has and always will understand the importance of family values.


We are proud of our community, after all, we have been a part of it since 1968. We serve our community and we contribute to our community. Community causes are of vital importance – among the activity, we partake in support of local grassroots sports teams and support local charities. Read more about Bumfords and our involvement in the community.