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Powerflushing is a process to remove sludge and any build-up in the boiler and heating. Using a power flushing unit sends water throughout your central heating system at a high velocity. This will dislodge any build-up you may have.

A home’s central heating system can become very dirty over time and may need assistance to get it clean from years of use. Powerflushing is one of the best ways to get your whole system tidied and it cleans sludge from central heating systems. This would fix cold radiators and noisy boilers which provides you with a more efficient home with improved hot water and reduced fuel bills.

Are your showers icy cold? Are your radiators not working correctly? Or has your boiler broken down? Did you know 87% of boiler breakdown callouts are due to dirty system water*

Starting from £450**, our expert team of engineers can powerflush your home’s heating system to increase the efficiency of your home!

*Information sources by British Gas

**Subject to change depending on location & the size of your heating system

What has made your boiler breakdown?

Dirty water and sludge from scale and rust builds up in your heating system and can causes serious damage. It clogs the boiler’s tiny waterways, damaging the pump and heat exchanger, and results in a boiler breakdown.

Sludge also collects in the pipework and at the bottom of radiators causing cold spots and clanging noises as the system fires up. Overall a dirty, sluggish heating system eats up more gas and costs even more to run.

What is the answer?

Cleaning your heating system! Depending on how dirty your central heating system is will dictate what treatment we recommend. A lightly sludged system may only require a chemical clean but a heavily sludged system will require a powerflush.

Powerflushing tackles the whole heating system. It flushes out the scale, sludge and rust that is lodged at the bottom of radiators and pipework – restoring the central heating system to tip-top condition.

After powerflushing & the benefits to your system

Once your heating system has been cleaned and efficiency is restored, we will inhibit the system and if required, install a system filter. This will help prevent the system from becoming dirty again in the future. By inhibiting the system, we will prevent sludge and rust from reforming which helps to keep the system clean and efficient.

Correct water treatment is the simplest and cheapest way to ensure your boiler and central heating system is protected from breakdown. Powerflushing and a clean heating system will result in:

  • Lower fuel bills
  • Boiler warranty compliance
  • Extend boiler lifespan
  • Optimise performance

*source: major boiler manufacturers

powerflushing examples

As an example of the great effect powerflushing has on a home’s heating system, the image on the left is the result of our team conducting the procedure on an older heating system. The owner of the home was experiencing a lack of heat from some radiators and a deficiency in efficiency caused by a build-up of debris and general wear. Upon finishing the process, this was described as one of the worst and dirtiest powerflushes ever completed by our team.

But not only does this solve issues like radiators not getting hot while the heating is on, but it can also increase the efficiency of your home heating. This also helps prevent any problems that may arise in the future.

If you have any questions about the process and the benefit of a powerflush or if you believe your heating system would benefit from this, feel free to call us or contact us via our contact form using the link below.


As another example of the significant impact that a powerflush can have on your system, the images on the left are magnetic filters before and after the powerflush process.

The powerflushing filter provides a fast and easy way to remove any contaminants from the system’s water during the flushing process. Our team use nothing but the highest quality of filters which allows the maximum amount of black iron oxide to be extracted.

If this debris was left within a heating system, it could be detrimental and cause endless problems. In most cases, the sludge and debris removed is the main cause of boiler breakdowns and inefficient boilers.

If you want to learn more about how a powerflush can benefit you, call us on 01226 749300.