Indoor Tap Replacement

A new shiny replacement tap can transform a kitchen or bathroom instantly. With a wide range of designs and styles available, a new modern tap can help transform a kitchen or bathroom into either a contemporary space. A traditional designed tap can allow you to create a kitchen or bathroom with classic feel. Popular tap colours and finishes include Chrome, stainless steel and white. On trend colours include gold, copper and brass or why not consider a funky colour tap design such as orange, red or green.

Familiar manufacturers of taps include Bristan, Grohe and Hansgrohe

What’s included with Tap Replacement?
Removing old Tap and drain stopper
Typical installation time of 1 hour
Installing customer-supplied Tap, handles, and drain stopper
Service is intended for indoor Taps only
Reattaching supply lines

What should I consider when buying my tap?
Buying the right Tap. Ensure that you buy the correct tap to fit your space. This is critical to a successful Tap installation or Tap replacement is to purchase the right Tap to fit your space. The right Tap will have openings that align with those already in your sink or counter, so that the Tap you purchase will appropriately fit in the space left behind by your old Tap. Taps typically have between 1 and 4 holes to fit the different options in your sink or counter, and the number of sink accessories – like sprayers and soap dispensers – in your sink setup. Make sure you purchase a Tap with the number of spaces that fits your space and your needs to help make sure your Tap installation goes without a hitch.