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What is Powerflushing and How Can it Benefit My Home?

Winter can be a harsh time on your heating system, especially if you have an older boiler/system or a system that is used a lot. if you have experienced any of the following issues, it may be time to book a powerflush:

  • Lack of heat in some radiators caused by lack of circulation
  • Your Heating system takes longer to heat up than normal
  • Intermittent cold showers/taps
  • Noisy boiler
  • Frequent boiler breakdowns

Did you know 87% of boiler breakdown callouts are due to dirty system water* 

If you’ve experienced some or all of these, you may need a professional powerflush with Bumford Heating. Powerflushing is also a great idea if you are having a new boiler installed on an old system to prevent any issues that may occur in the future.

*Information sources by British Gas

What is Powerflushing?

You may be asking yourself, “What is powerflushing?”. This is a process that removes any sludge and any build-up within your system, which is caused by natural wear and tear over time. Resulting in a reduction in efficiency and other issues mentioned above.

The process of powerflushing is simple and we use a unit to send water through your central heating system at high velocity to force out any debris that may be clogging up the system. If the debris was left in your home’s heating system, it results in your system eating up more gas and in turn, costing more to run.

Depending on the type of system you have as well as how dirty it is, our process of cleaning the system can be as little as a light chemical treatment to a full treatment which can take a full day to complete.

What is the End Benefit of Powerflusing?

Once the system has been fully cleaned and the efficiency restored to its optimal rates, we will inhibit the system and if required, install a system filter. This will help prevent the system from becoming as dirty in the future, aiding in the futureproofing of your system for years to come. By inhibiting the system, we will prevent sludge and rust from reforming, which also futureproofs your home’s heating system.

The end benefit of a powerflushing process is the increased efficiency of your heating system, as it isn’t burning as much gas to heat your home, you will also see a reduction in energy bills! 

With the correct treatment that we provide, this is the simplest and cheapest way to ensure your central heating boiler is protected from expensive boiler breakdowns when it’s most inconvenient during winter.

As well as a reduction in energy bills, it will also result in boiler warranty compliance, extended boiler lifespan and optimised performance.

Powerflush Example

The image you see is the result of a recent powerflush that our team conducted.

The owner of the home was experiencing a lack of heat from some radiators and a deficiency in efficiency caused by a build-up of debris and general wear. Upon finishing the process, this was described as one of the worst and dirtiest powerflushes ever completed by our team.

But not only does this solve issues like radiators not getting hot while the heating is on, but it can also increase the efficiency of your home heating. This also helps prevent any problems that may arise in the future.

If you have any questions about the process and the benefit of a powerflush or if you believe your heating system would benefit from this, feel free to call us or contact us via our contact form using the link below.

Starting from £450* our expert team of engineers can powerflush your home’s heating system to improve efficiency and resolve any issues you may be facing. But if you find your boiler is 15+ years old, it may be more cost-effective and efficient to replace the boiler, radiators or even the pipework rather than trying to save a failing system. This can be due to the fact that, as the powerflush forces water around the system at high pressure, this may cause more problems than it solves.

If you’re ever unsure that a powerflush is the best option for you, our team is on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

*Subject to change depending on location & the size of your heating system