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Mobility Aid & Home Improvements

As we get older, more and more of us are choosing to stay within our homes. But is your home equipped to deal with your changing needs? Bumford’s are able to help make your home a safe, practical, and comfortable place by offering mobility aid and home improvements to ensure that you can live well in your home for longer.

Bumfords are experts in home improvements and so are able to help you adapt and improve your home as you age or experience a decline in mobility.
Some of the improvements and home safety solutions we can make to your home include:

  • Installing a stair bannister
  • Installing grab rails
  • Bathroom Adaptions
  • Kitchen Adaptions
  • Staying safe outdoors
  • Bathroom improvements

Bathrooms have the potential to be a dangerous location with the chances of a slip or fall greater than any other room in the house. The combination of water and steam in the bathroom environment increases the risk of slippery floors. Other adaptions that will assist within the bathroom may include the installation of a new toilet or toilet seat, improvements to the bath or shower, and installations of grab rails.
We can help you stay safe at home
Bumfords have served the local community, providing professional, competitive, and friendly service since 1968. Contact us to discuss your requirements or the requirements of a friend or family member.

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